Engine – Case Making & Packing

In-house Designer

Engineering Company
West Sussex
June 2022
Alan Hambly


Wickhams Brown were requested to pack 2 off engines and 2 off alternators along with the steel panel enclosures. A total of 64 tons of marine power sources to fit into 2 off type 23 navel destroyers.
Our brief was that no battening or cover wrapping was to touch the immaculate paintwork of the engine or alternator. We were requested that the 15 ton forklift was also not to be used and all lifting was through the lifting eyes on the equipment.
We worked with our structral engineer and steel fabricator to produced 4 steel lifting frames. The equipments existing AV mounts were located on the frames as per drawings.
In addition we designed steel welded loops on the 4 corners to facilitate strapping down for transportation.
We installed access panels in the cases for lifting shackels to be connected to the lifting eyes.

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